You need more knowledge about cultivation? Such as vertical cultivation hydroponics, horizontal cultivation, microgreens etc? Feel most welcome to Agortus!

In addition to being able to help you with knowledge, cultivation systems, seeds and risk analysis, we help you above all, to succeed with your cultivation. Your cultivation which is most presumably for food and the food value chain!

All cultivation requires the right material to succeed. But each form of cultivation also requires its special conditions, in order to succeed. We at Agortus have the knowledge and experience you might be looking for!

The systems you are interested in may be hydroponics, vertical or horizontal cultivation, micro green, urban farming, organic or conventional. The crops: herbs, flowers, veggies or spices! We are well acquainted with the value chain as well as the technical production chain. We see your cultivation as a food production, the requirements that exist and the quality that you want to achieve.

If you think long-term, planning is needed. The seeds supply: the right quality is among the most limiting and difficult challanges. There we also help you with the right quality of the seed and growing material, the right treatment and storage and to ensure your access to a credible business.

Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you into the future.

Avoiding the mistakes that so many others have already made might well be your largest asset!