Agortu’s social work

We have a responsibility for the society in which we work. The way Agortus works is important for the local community, company employees and those who use our products.

food safety
As a food company, Agortus has a major responsibility for its customers and customer safety. To ensure high security, Agortus works on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), which is a standardized working method for systematically mapping risks and how they can be prevented.

Working environment
Agortus has grown in number of employees and because of this, it has become a bit crowded. For us, it is important for a healthy working environment and we have therefore begun to build new premises in 2018 that can contribute to a brighter, airy and calmer work environment.

Community involvement
Agortus wants to be a good and committed neighbor who contributes to a positive development of society in the municipality of Svalöv. We are open to offer internship / summer jobs for young people in the municipality and work-oriented rehabilitation.

Svalöfs gymnasium, Svalövs kommun.