Our environmental goals

As part of the agrarian sector, we know that we both directly and indirectly have an impact on the surrounding environment, and we strive to reduce the climate impact of our operations.

Goal 1: Increase the volume of KRAV-certified sales
In 2018, we will increase sales of KRAV and eco-labeled products by 30% compared with 2017.

Goal 2: Increase the amount of eco-labeled products in the office
From 1 May 2018, the copy paper, colleges and post-it blocks purchased will be Swan labeled.
From 1 May 2018, dairy products and tea / coffee purchased to the office shall be organic and / or Fair Trade marked (unless the tea bags are made of plastic).

Goal 3: Thrifty driving
New employees who will travel a lot in their service will go through the course “Efficient driving” no later than 6 months after commencement of employment.