Agortus environmental work

We have a responsibility to protect the environment in which we work. The way we live and work today is crucial for the future of the world. At Agortus we work in several ways to reduce our climate and environmental impact.

REQUIREMENTS Certification
We are KRAV certified, which means we can import and sell KRAV-labeled products. For Agortus, it mainly covers KRAV and EKO-labeled seeds, beans and lentils for shot and seed production.

Waste disposal
We work to prevent and reduce our waste consumption. In 2014, households and companies generated more than 165 million tonnes of non-hazardous waste (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, 2017). We at Agortus think this is a staggering amount and therefore actively works to reduce our contribution to this year’s (2018) statistics. At Agortus, we have therefore chosen to keep the waste staircase in mind when handling our waste.

Phasing out environmentally hazardous cleaners
We have recently begun a phasing out of environmentally hazardous cleaning products. All new detergents and household products purchased for the company are either Nordic Ecolabelled or labeled with Good Environmental Choice.

In order to reduce the company’s carbon dioxide emissions, staff in the staff who travel a lot in their service have undergone the course “Thrifty Driving”.