Agortus products for the food industry

Agortus now has the honor of being a key supplier to the Nordic food industry of seed-based raw materials.

We have our own contractual models in different parts of the world. Through our common understanding, we are convinced that we can cultivate the right raw material from the beginning, which is beneficial to you, the consumer and nature.

In addition to seed-based products, we can also offer you other products from the agro industry, such as spices and essential oils. We are also certified by SMAK to sell organic products. Get in touch and we’ll buy what you’re looking for!

At the moment we have in stock:

  • Pea Milwa (conventional)
  • Pea Tucker (conventional)
  • Pea Meadow (eco)
  • Pea Meadow (conventional)
  • Spinach Matador (conventional)
  • Spinach Matador (eco)
  • Chrysanthemum  coronarium, garland (conventional)
  • Thymes Vulgaris German Winter (conventional)