We are pleased to introduce Sang Niching, our new Agortus employee.

“It will be fun to be an important puzzle game for the company,” says Sang.

Sang is Agortu’s new Accountant and Secretary in the Collaboration Group in the Swedish Special Seed Production project. We welcome Sang as part of our growing team of enthusiastic employees in Agortus and SSFP, the company’s innovation project specializing in the production of specialty seed for the world market. Sang is a key person for our work on managing the project, says CEO Olof H Christerson.

Sang will initially develop our communication with the financier: the Swedish Board of Agriculture, but also the work of the collaborative group together with the companies: NoroGard, SUF, BCC, Skibberöds Gård, Mazars and Sparbanken Skåne.

For Sang, a red thread has been: learning and development.

Warm welcome Sang, we hope you will be happy with us at Agortus!

About Agortus
Agortus has been operating since 2004: trade in agro-based goods in the Nordic countries and central Europe. Today, the company is focused on trade and developing catch crops for the Nordic market, but also inputs for the Nordic food industry and the European grower and shoots market.

Since 2016, the AxiQS business area is also run as part of “Agortus Innovations”. The brand AxiQS is today synonymous with Agortus EIP project: “Swedish Special Seed Production” (SSFP), a spring project approved by the Swedish Agriculture Agency. The goal of SSFP is to develop Swedish production of specialty seed with the world as a market. Please read more at www.axiqs.com.

For more information about Agortus AB, please visit our website: www.agortus.com.

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