Innovation project Swedish Special Seed Production, SSFP

Swedish special seed production (abbreviated: SSFP) is an innovation project run by Agortus. The aim is to create a functional value chain in Sweden for special seed cultivation; from sowing to desalination. The market is entirely export, where customers are the leading seed companies in the world.

Through the project, Swedish farms get new farming opportunities that at the same time help improve profitability for primary production.

The requirements for successful production are long day and short night, greater isolation distances, virgin lands and savvy growers. All this is in Sweden, while Swedish farmers are looking for new and more profitable crops.

The project is partly financed by EU funds from the European Innovation Partnership in the Rural Development Program 2014-2020.

Please take a few minutes to watch our film about Swedish Special Seed Production and why just this project is so important to maybe you!